You Gave a Mother and Daughter a Fresh Start

When Sandi and Hannah fled an abusive home, you helped restore them… body and soul.

Enough was enough. For some time, Sandi* had endured verbal and emotional abuse from her boyfriend, the father of her 8-year-old daughter Hannah.* But when bruises started showing up on the young girl, Sandi knew they needed to leave. She and Hannah packed a few things and fled for safety.

Newsletter Spring 2019

Thankfully, Sandi was able to find housing in a safe neighborhood. But she would need help with basic necessities while she searched for a job. That’s when Sandi turned to The Salvation Army. Through the support of friends like you, we were able to provide food and clothes to help the two get back on their feet.

Sandi thanked us profusely for the kindness she was shown. Then, as she was preparing to leave, she noticed a flyer about our summer camp for kids. She told us her story and shared what a difficult time it was for Hannah. We all agreed camp would be a wonderful experience for her girl and told Sandi not to worry, that caring people like you would make sure Hannah got there.

That day was the beginning of a fresh start for both mom and daughter. Sandi soon found a good job working at a doctor’s office and is feeling confident about their future. Hannah thoroughly enjoyed two weeks of camp and is now participating in several of our other kids’ programs, including our girls dance group.

Thank you for making fresh starts like this possible!

When you support The Salvation Army, you help in so many ways and are a blessing to so many children and families.

*Names and photo changed to protect privacy.