Walmart Foundation is Feeding Families for Life in Connecticut with The Salvation Army.

Through Feeding Families for Life, thousands of low income individuals and families have benefited from our feeding programs across Connecticut, ranging from soup kitchens and food pantries, to the feeding component of our shelters, and the meals provided through our children's programming. Clients experienced reduced hunger and benefited from the increased availability of nutrient rich foods provided through the food pantries.

At our early learning program, The Right Place, we were able to continue to provide lunch onsite, eliminating the expense for their parents of having to prepare lunch for their children each day. Participants of The Rock, a youth program at our Manchester Citadel, benefited from weekly meals, also helping families to reduce food costs.

We were also able to begin phasing in healthier foods at our shelters, including at Marshall House in Hartford. At our Waterbury Family Emergency Shelter and New Britain Men's s Shelter, Walmart also supported our cook postions, helping to ensure that prepared meals were available to shelter residents.


Walmart Foundation is Getting Rhode Island Healthy with The Salvation Army.

Through Getting Rhode Island Healthy, thousands of low income individuals and families in Rhode Island received nutritious foods that they otherwise could not afford through our Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens. Utilizing our Food Pantries, participants received food sufficient for three meals for three days for each member of the family along with 3 new recipes each month.

As a result of this new funding, the food baskets they received included more fresh produce along with additional ingredients that allowed our participants to prepare the recipes we provided, yielding more nutritious meals than they would normally prepare with their limited resources. Through special monthly meals provided to them through the Soup Kitchens in Newport and Providence, they were also inspired by guest chefs to prepare the recipes they received.