The Salvation Army Helps Rebuild Haiti

In January of 2010, a devastating 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti, causing massive damage and loss of life to one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Years later, The Salvation Army continues to work alongside Haitians to strengthen their communities – as we have since 1950.

Haiti 01

Despite damage to The Salvation Army’s infrastructure in Haiti, officers, soldiers, employees and volunteers worked through their corps, schools and clinics to serve those in need immediately after the quake. During initial response, nearly 8 million meals were provided to families in need, more than 30,000 patients received medical care, and an estimated 20,000 people who lost their homes received shelter. The Salvation Army not only provided essentials like food, water, shelter, and medical care, but also offered prayer and a shoulder of support during the most desperate times.

Haiti 02

As time passed, emergency lifesaving efforts transitioned to recovery with the establishment of a Haiti Recovery and Development Office (HRD). Over the last five years, Salvationists and Haitians have worked to restore vitality to their damaged communities. Rebuilding efforts have focused on three areas:

  • Long-term housing reconstruction projects for displaced families, which also include programs for vocational training, income generation and capacity building.
  • Primary Health Care focused on Port-au-Prince and Fond-de-Negre.
  • Integrated community development programs implemented in 50 communities throughout Haiti. This initiative is helping communities address concerns such as clean water, income generation, access to education and food security. It is also helping to develop infrastructure to mitigate future disasters.
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These efforts mean renewed opportunities in life for the resilient people of Haiti. In more than 70 communities, men and women are starting new businesses, children are getting an education, parents are learning new skills, and farmers are growing new crops thanks to support from The Salvation Army. Much has been accomplished in the past five years, and much remains to be done. The Salvation Army is proud to be a member of the community in Haiti, helping give Haitians the tools to create a brighter tomorrow for themselves and their families.