Salvation Army The Right Place School Readiness Program

Our School-Readiness Program Gives Hope to Families in Need!

Marion* stopped what she was doing to give a closer listen. Was she hearing things? Or was her young daughter Sofia* actually reciting words in English?

The single mom had been thrilled when she first learned about The Right Place, The Salvation Army’s school-readiness program for preschool-age children. Marion had been looking for a safe place for little Sophia while she was at work. She was also concerned that Sophia didn’t know a word of English and was set to start kindergarten the following year.

The staff assured Marion that Sofia would have all the skills necessary when the time came. They were right, as was Marion’s hearing. Sofia was indeed saying words in English, and she soon began teaching mom some new words, too.

For 20 years, The Right Place preschool has been a beacon of hope for families like Sofia’s who live in underserved communities. “The Right Place serves many lower income families, and we value their unique cultural differences,” says Suzy Almeida, Director of our Danbury campus. And according to Suzy, school-readiness isn’t the only benefit the children receive. “Another reason the program is unique is that families’ additional needs, such as food and clothing, can be taken care of onsite,” she says.

Taylor Pratt, Coordinator for our two Hartford campuses, is deeply grateful for the role friends like you play: “Salvation Army donors impact the children in a very big way, whether it be through building improvements and school supplies, or purchasing fresh ingredients for the meals provided to the children. Donations also allow us to continue to provide scholarships to those who may not be able to pay for their full tuition.”

When you support The Salvation Army, you help in so many ways and are a blessing to so many children and families.

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* Names and photo changed to protect privacy.