Salvation Army Memories of Christmas Past

Salvation Army Memories of Christmas Past

My name is Vicki, and my father always spoke as if The Salvation Army were heroes coming to the rescue. You see, his father died very young, leaving my grandmother to raise eight children on her own, with no income and the Great Depression right around the corner. The family quickly sank into poverty.

Dad often shared childhood memories of how all the children, including himself at only 8 years old, had to go to work to put food on the table. He would really light up, though, when he told us how The Salvation Army brought food and clothes and shoes—wonderful shoes!

The other thing that brought a smile to my dad’s face was when he told us about The Salvation Army bringing Christmas gifts to the family every year. New socks, hats, mittens, and some kind of toy. But what he remembered most were the oranges he received. He spoke of them like they were the greatest gift ever.

I am deeply grateful for the care The Salvation Army showed my dad in his childhood—and for the compassion they continue to shower upon struggling families after all these years. I’m thankful, too, for people like you who give generously to support their important work.

Your kind gifts truly impact our neighbors in need—not just with food and clothes, but with love. And that is huge. Because for a family who is suffering, knowing someone cares enough to help can mean just as much as the actual help itself. Thank you for caring and sharing this Christmas!