Madison, CT Resident Dr. William C. Clyde Elected to The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board

MADISON, CT – William C. Clyde, Ph.D. of Madison, CT has been elected to join The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board upon strong recommendations from his community and peers, along with the full endorsement of the Executive/Nominating Committee of the National Advisory Board. He will be officially installed in September in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dr. Clyde is currently the Provost and Executive Vice President of Manhattan College and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Edinburgh University, an M.S. in Chemistry from New York University, and a B.S. in Economics and Chemistry from DePauw University. Along with his experience in economics, finance, strategic planning and non-profit leadership, Dr. Clyde’s expertise in poverty alleviation will be a great asset to the Board. “My current research is in economic development and the transformation of the understanding of how underdeveloped economies grow,” Dr. Clyde said. “Empowering the poor to lift themselves out of poverty with strategies of support that help people help themselves, rather than providing direct aid is vital to economic growth.” In order to do this, Dr. Clyde suggests thinking about the type of aid that will be given and if it will foster growth, rather than hinder it. “If you flood an underdeveloped country with a large supply of free rice, rice farmers within that country are unable to sell their rice. Anything you give for free hurts that sector of the economy,” Dr. Clyde explained.

One of the things that attracted Dr. Clyde to The Salvation Army was its Pathway of Hope program, a free life-skills program that pairs families who are experiencing chronic poverty and instability with a case manager who serves as a mentor and life coach. Families are encouraged to marshal their own strengths, talents, and resources and to work with The Salvation Army and its community partners to create increased opportunity for education, employment, housing, stability, and independence. “Pathway of Hope shines a light for families who have no way out and gives them the resources they need to succeed,” said Dr. Clyde. “These families want a way out, but may have no idea of the path needed to make that happen. This program is a pathway to a stable life that means they won’t need support resources anymore. They will be doing it on their own. That seems to me a much more loving and respectful way to serve people. It’s the ‘teaching them to fish’ thing.”

Another program that inspired Dr. Clyde to join The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board was WORTH, a project of The Salvation Army World Services Office (SAWSO). SAWSO seeks to elevate women out of dire circumstances through the WORTH project which creates a cycle of sustainability fueled by holistic education and empowerment. Bringing together groups of 20-30 women, the WORTH curriculum provides literacy and savings training, as well as facilitating social mobilization for women in need. Program members are taught how to read and write; to keep business records; to account for group and personal savings; and to run their own businesses. “A lot of the same strategies being learned about how to develop economies can be applied to the United States,” said Dr. Clyde. “Pathway of Hope and WORTH are two examples of empowering people to play active roles in creating better lives for themselves. The capacity of The Salvation Army to make an effective powerful impact in 130 countries around the world is unbelievable.”

Dr. Clyde has published widely, including the book, “Using Technology in Teaching,” has spent several years as a trader and corporate advisor in the foreign currency markets and has served as Vice President at First National Bank of Chicago (now part of JP Morgan Chase). He has served on several boards and is currently chair of the board of the Union Community Health Center in the Bronx, NY.

“Bill and his wife Christine have been loyal supporters of the work of The Salvation Army for nearly 30 years,” said Dawn Fleming, Donor Relations Director for Connecticut and Rhode Island. “As monthly contributors, their generosity has provided a predictable stream of funding for programs that make a lasting impact on the lives of those who turn to us for assistance. As an economist with a particular interest in lifting families out of poverty through self-directed solutions, Bill has been a trusted advisor to our Development team in Connecticut and Rhode Island, offering counsel as we develop our poverty reduction program for families through Pathway of Hope. The Clyde's genuine interest in alleviating suffering and improving lives has been a blessing to all of us at the Army and to those we serve.”

The Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board provides guidance for programs and services throughout the United States. “Being selected to the National Advisory Board of such a distinguished and vibrant organization as The Salvation Army is most gratifying and challenging,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ward Matthews, The Salvation Army’s National Spokesperson and Secretary for National Community Relations and Development. “Dr. Clyde brings a skillset and commitment to The Salvation Army’s pledge to Doing the Most Good for those in need in our country.”