EDS No Rest for the Weary

No Rest For The Weary

Fire crews replenish at The Salvation Army’s New London EDS Canteen

The Salvation Army New London EDS Canteen’s motto, "no rest for the weary," certainly holds true! Over the last week, New London's Emergency Disaster Services Canteen has been very busy helping disaster victims, first responders, and runners:

  • Wednesday, July 20th - Middletown Road Race covered by the New London’s EDS Canteen and Middletown’s Salvation Army – hydrated participating runners.
  • Friday July 22nd – EDS responded to the Town of Salem CT for a brush fire - keeping the crews hydrated.
  • Saturday July 23rd – EDS responded to the Town of Lebanon, CT for a house fire on Reservoir Road. The Canteen served water, gator aid, snacks, and hot dogs.
  • Sunday July 24th – EDS responded to Baltic, CT for a house fire. The Canteen served water, gator aid, snacks, and breakfast sandwiches.
  • Sunday July 24th - After returning from Baltic, the New London EDS Canteen responded to an apartment complex fire in New London, CT. The Canteen served water, gator aid, and snacks.
  • Monday, July 25th – EDS responded to a brush fire in Gales Ferry, CT. The Canteen served hotdogs, hamburgers, snacks, water and Power Aid to fire crews.

On Monday, July 25th, at about 1:30, Rich Wildman arrived at New London Salvation Army to replenish the canteen after a hectic few days. Bob Heal, EDS volunteer, was at the canteen when he arrived and asked Wildman if he wanted to go to a call. “I laughed but he was serious,” Wildman said. The week had already been incredibly busy. Bill Archer, another EDS volunteer pulled into the parking lot and off they went!

The 5 acre brush fire in the 900 block of Long Cove Road in Gales Ferry, CT was an all-day fire fight. About 1.5 miles into the woods, the Fire Chief guided the canteen to a safe location and they quickly set up. The temperature about 90 with about 70% humidity. 20 lbs. of ice on board the canteen quickly disappeared along with about 100 bottles of Gator Aid and numerous cases of water. A run to Stop and Shop for 80 additional pounds ice and 64 bottles of power aid was needed to supplement the operation.

At the end of the night, after about 7 hours of service, early estimates were 80 hot dogs, 60 hamburgers, hundreds of snacks, hundreds of bottles of water and power aid had been served. How do you measure success? First by the many thanks from the firemen, but more importantly that not a single fireman or forester were treated for heat related injuries.

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