Consulting Engineering Services can challenge helps feed those in need

MIDDLETOWN - The cans have been counted! Consulting Engineering Services Inc. of Middletown has donated nearly 13,000 cans and $2,200 in cash to help feed those in need. The “Challenge” is in its 21st year and is open to all departments within the company. The winning department is chosen by dividing the number of cans collected by the number of employees. Approximately 200 cans per person were collected.

“It’s great to watch our employees get caught up in the spirit of competition and help people in need at the same time,” said George Keithan Jr., CEO. “There is a rivalry between the teams to see which group can collect the most food and ultimately help the most people.” It’s a tradition Keithan’s father, a supporter of The Salvation Army, started a long time ago.

“Everyone buys in because it’s for the local community,” said Michael Walsh, CES President. “It’s a really good thing for the community and fun internally as well.” Consulting Engineering Services has fund-raising events throughout the year which generates excitement for the staff while supporting local community causes.

“It’s amazing that Consulting Engineering Services has been doing this for such a long time,” stated Lieutenant Jose Hernandez, Corps Officer of The Salvation Army in Middletown. The need for food pantry items has increased significantly. Just one year ago, 150 families were helped each month. This year, 200 families are in need. “On behalf of The Salvation Army and our community, I want to thank each employee who has given so generously,” Lt. Hernandez said. The food was picked up by The Salvation Army and will be distributed through their food pantry on Main Street in Middletown, CT.