Torrington Stand Down(Captains Janet Gonzalez and Rene Jarvis offering help to veterans at Torrington’s Veterans Stand Down Day.)

Stand Up and Cheer for Torrington’s Stand Down Day!

Veterans Receive Many Helpful Services

TORRINGTON - The fourth annual Torrington Veterans Stand Down Day, sponsored by Friends in Service to Humanity (FISH), was held on April 22nd at the Torrington Armory and was another spectacular success. There were a good number of services provided, and an even better number of veterans seeking services at the event. Federal, state, and local agencies; small and large companies, and local nonprofits were available to offer their services at no-charge to veterans. Some of the participating groups included: Connecticut Department of Labor, U.S. Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration, Connecticut Legal Services, Connecticut Department of Higher Education, mental health and addiction services, social services groups, transportation officials, hair stylists offering free haircuts, and The Salvation Army, all serving the veterans.

Captains Janet Gonzalez and Northwest Hills Officer Rene Jarvis and several Salvation Army staff members provided the veterans with pairs of new socks donated by Hanes – in your basic dress black and casual tan colors, as well as Famous Amos and M&M cookies and candy. There was also a Salvation Army Canteen parked outside the armory, where Rich Wildman served coffee and cookies (and cups of tea when asked) to the guests that were getting a breath of fresh air. Salvation Army canteens and emergency disaster vehicles have always been a familiar sight for soldiers!

The men and women were very happy to see The Salvation Army at the event and a few even stopped by to tell the staff what The Salvation Army meant to them during their times of service. Captain Jarvis reflected, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our veterans, and we are honored and blessed to be here to serve them today and throughout the year. Stand Down Day gives us an additional opportunity to give back to these men and women who have served their country and can now use a little help from support groups like us. The Salvation Army has a long history of helping soldiers and we are always eager to serve!”