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Have you ever had a client who named The Salvation Army in their will? If so, click here.

As a member of the legal and estate planning community, you are the key link between your client and the charities they support. We respect and are deeply grateful for the care you take to see that your clients' intentions are fully and exactly satisfied.

Here is some important information you need to make that happen should your client be considering a legacy gift to The Salvation Army:

Whether by will, trust, transfer on death, or some other vehicle, gifts made to The Salvation Army with multi-affiliate locations, branches and parent bodies need to be very clear when a gift is intended for a local unit, with or without a local address. Without specific language, half of these gifts will be allocated to the parent body as unrestricted gifts. You may be surprised that all Salvation Army branches in this region share a federal tax- identification number with the parent headquarters in New York. There is no such organization as "The Salvation Army of (client's town here)," which is language we see very often in estate gifts.

Please contact me for guidance in drafting language that will make sure gifts intended to stay in the community or for a specific program will indeed achieve your clients' intentions. This must be done when the estate document is drafted. Donor information will be strictly confidential or the donor may choose to be remain anonymous.

We truly appreciate the work you do on behalf of your clients, and we will do everything we can to support your efforts.

To speak with Michael Afflitto, Director of Planned Giving, regarding bequest wording or illustrations please call or 860-702-0070 or email: