IRA Rollover

Plan now to make a tax-free gift from your IRA in 2020

Easy IRA Gifts for Donors Age 72 and Older. The permanent rules allowing tax-free gifts from IRAs to charity make it easier than ever to plan ahead and use this giving strategy (often called a qualified charitable distribution or IRA charitable rollover). It's a simple but highly effective way to minimize the tax bite associated with IRA required minimum distributions (RMDs).

Benefits of this gift include:

  • A transfer from your IRA to The Salvation Army Southern New England Division (up to $100,000) counts toward your RMD, and no tax is due!

  • Satisfies IRA Required Minimum Distribution for people 72 years or older

  • Does not increase the taxable portion of Social Security benefits

  • Is not subject to the 50%-of-income limitation that applies to charitable deductions


Considerations of this gift include:

  • Cannot be used to fund a life income arrangement (CGA or CRT)

  • Must be made directly from trustee of the IRA to The Salvation Army

  • Gift is not deductible, but does avoid federal and most state income tax


How much is your RMD?

  • Use our calculator at to estimate your required minimum distribution, and let us know if you are planning an IRA Charitable Rollover gift. We’ll be happy to help you explore the many ways you can make an impact on our mission.

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Meligonis DeJohn, Donor Relations Director

855 Asylum Avenue

Hartford, CT 06105

Office: (860) 702-0037

Donor Relations Director

Jennifer Meligonis DeJohn

Jennifer Meligonis DeJohn
Southern New England Division
855 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
Office: 860-702-0037
Cell: 860-539-1480

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