Donor Advised Funds - A Smart Way to Achieve Your Tax and Financial Planning Goals

Donor Advised Fund

Making a gift from your Donor Advised Charitable Gift Fund is a wonderful way to help your neighbors in need!

The process is quite simple, but there are two important steps you should take to make sure your gift is used as you intend:

1. Use our Tax ID Number (TIN) 13-5562351 each time you make a gift and share it with your Advisor. One caveat, this Tax ID Number is used for the entire Eastern Territory of The Salvation Army, so it’s important that you use the number, but also request that the donation be mailed to:

The Salvation Army
Southern New England Division
Office of Donor Relations
855 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105

2. You will also want to ask your Advisor to note if you are making an unrestricted gift (use where it is needed most) or if you would like the funds applied to a specific area of our service (restricted). You can support the Army’s efforts near or far (as in a national or international disaster, for instance) through our office. We will see that your gift is sent to the location you desire – even overseas. If you would like to direct your gift to a specific area of our service, please make that clear on your gift. For example:

  • To assist my neighbors in need.
  • To assist those served by The Salvation Army’s Corps Community Center in the city of _________. See for details.
  • To support earthquake, hurricane victims in ___________.
  • To support a specific Salvation Army Initiative in our region such as: Pathway of Hope, Anti-Human Trafficking, Emergency Disaster Services, Camp CONNRI, etc.

Taking these steps will help us apply your gift as you intend and will also enable us to acknowledge your donation as soon as it arrives and more quickly distribute the funds.

Donor Advised Funds - A Smart Way to Achieve Your Tax and Financial Planning Goals

Given the implications of the new 2018 tax law on your tax situation, a gift to your donor advised fund can be used to help in your tax and financial planning. For example, there may be times when it serves you best to “bunch” your giving to your DAF into a large “one time gift” vs. making smaller gifts spread out over multiple years. This is just one suggestion, however there are numerous other strategies we can suggest. We can work with you and your CPA who, as a trusted advisor, can offer expert guidance specifically suited to your particular circumstances in this area.

Would you like to use your Donor Advised Fund to leave a lasting legacy?

Almost any financial arrangement that allows you to name a beneficiary can be used to benefit The Salvation Army. For example, you can make The Salvation Army the beneficiary of your Donor Advised Fund. And when you pass away, your children may recommend gifts from your Donor Advised Fund to carry on your legacy of giving.

Using the right language in legacy giving is important.

Please contact me for more details at 860-702-0037 or

Donor Relations Director

Jennifer Meligonis DeJohn

Jennifer Meligonis DeJohn
Southern New England Division
855 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
Office: 860-702-0037
Cell: 860-539-1480

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