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Deferred Gift Annuity

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Deferred Gift Annuity

If you are under age 55 want your annuity payments to start at a later date, you can defer the payments to a specified time. Depending on your age and the period of deferment, this can greatly increase your rate of return, as funds are re-invested during that time.

A deferred gift annuity allows you to fund a gift when your income is high, and have payments start when you retire and your income drops.

Example: Ernesto and Sophie Robles, both in their mid 50's, are currently enjoying high incomes. They aren't happy with the performance of their IRAs, and they are in a high tax bracket. They decide to fund Single-Life Deferred Gift Annuities for each of them, and do this for several years. By deferring payments till retirement age, they increase their annuity rates of return substantially. They also get immediate income tax deductions for the charitable gift portion of the annuities, helping them lower their current taxes.

If you are ready to establish your Deferred Gift Annuity, please click here to download an application. Then, print it off, fill it out, and mail it to Michael Afflitto. Additionally, click here for a Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement Security Statement.

If you have any questions or would like a personal visit, please contact Michael Afflitto.