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Michael Afflitto, CAPĀ®

Michael Afflitto, CAP®
Southern New England Division
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Charitable Remainder Trust

Chartiable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable trust allows you to irrevocably transfer ownership and management of assets while keeping the income generated by those assets. This income can come to you or others you may designate, for a set term or one or more lifetimes. This legal structure is documented by a Trust Agreement spelling out the terms.

Once The Salvation Army has distributed the trust income for one or more lifetimes, it may then use the remaining assets for its general purposes, or as the donor directs.

Each trust is designed to meet your individual objectives, such as:

  • providing regular income for you, your family or heirs;
  • relieving you or your heirs from costly and burdensome asset management, while gaining professional management for your trust;
  • qualifying for a charitable contribution income tax deduction and the potential for reducing estate taxes;
  • and providing a generous gift in support of The Salvation Army.

A trust often provides greater flexibility than a gift annuity, but it does require a larger investment ($100,000 minimum, as opposed to $5,000 minimum for an annuity). The donor can select the type and amount of payment (fixed or fluctuating with the market) and the frequency and timing of the payments. The investment strategy and taxable character can also be tailored to the donor?s needs.

If you are ready to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust, please click here to download an application. Then, print it off, fill it out, and mail it to Michael Afflitto.

If you are interested in further exploring our Trust options, please contact us toll free at 1-888-468-5356 or 1-860-702-0070 Direct.